Fox Carving pendant Bone, We are offering a Beautifully Carved Bone Fox. Carved in Bali, from Indonesian Water Buffalo Bone.{Please note size} This Detailed carving measures 2-1/4" long, with the ¼" Sterling Silver Bail, X Curved 1-3/8" wide. Deeply carved it weighs 11 grams. The bone color is WHITE not tan . Wonderful carved Leaf on the back side. ~~ We Offer the finest Quality Bone Pendants on the Internet.  No animal was killed or Harmed for this carving. Please View our Fossil Ivory Bead link. ~~~ ACCEPTED PAYMENTS: CASH, CHECK, POSTAL MONEY ORDER,  or Paypal , payment address to send checks or Postal Money Orders, Cash. ~~  Free Shipping with tracking in U.S. Only ~ ~ All other International Shipping  $34 ~ this includes Priority mail cost when paying with International Payment by “PayPal”.   ~ International Payment by “PayPal” require “proof” of delivery and MUST be Registered  as demanded by PayPal.  We have no choice with this new shipping fee with PayPals new buyer protection program ~ Shipping WE COMBINE SHIPPING {at no extra mailing cost} ON MORE CARVINGS & SMALL SILVER ITEMS We are Not responsible for International mail or customs and delivery delays or loss or fees .All Sales Final. Questions ~ Please Email Eric at  or Call 330- 434 -1010 Agestribalarts Gallery  194 Myrtle Place Akron Ohio, 44303
USA ~~~~~ TOTEM AMULET TALISMAN ~~ VIEW OUR FANTASTIC COLLECTION ofRARE FOSSIL MAMMOTH and Ancient Fossil WALRUS IVORY Spirit BEADS ~ GREAT FOR BEADING PROJECTS ~ FOX is one of the most uniquely skilled and ingenious animals of nature. It has a great ability to outwit both predators and prey. In the traditions of many Native American tribes, the fox is often associated with Dark Side witchcraft, and it is further believed that the sleek form of the fox is often favored as an image of transformation by a shape-shifting sorcerer. In Europe, the fox was the essence of wiliness, quick-wittedness, and canny wisdom. If the fox has presented itself to you as your totem animal in a dream or a vision, you have gained an ally that is truly a survivor. This spirit helper will bring a quickening of your physical and mental responses to any problem that you may have to face in your chosen quest on the life path. Fox teaches us how to slip out of unpleasant situations quietly and unnoticed and you will also discover that your intuitive abilities have increased.

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