OWL BONE TOTEM BIRD CARVED  PENDANT CARVING JEWELRY,  We are offering a Beautifully Carved Bone Owl . Carved from Water Buffalo Bone. {PLEASE Note Size}This Detailed carving measures 3” High with Bail X 1-1/2 Wide.  Deeply carved it weighs 16 grams. The bone color is White. Sanded and polished smooth on the back side.

We Offer the finest Quality Bone and Carved Detail on the Internet.  No animal was killed or Harmed for this carving.

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OWL: (Wisdom). From the Owl, humans can learn about old wisdom, knowledge, paradox, femininity, mystery and vision. Those with this medicine are usually gifted with clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities. Owls with their spectral senses help guide us through the dark tunnels of fear, change and uncertainty to the brilliant  light shining at the other end.  If the owl appears in your life thank it for its willingness to guide you through its shadowy realm to the other side of promise and joy.


In Bali "HANTU"  Is ghost,  and an owl is Burung  Hantu ( ghost bird )

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