Fossil ivory Bear Pendant Carving, Our Bear and Tribal Totem is Master Carved Both sides from Ancient Artifact Tool Fossil Walrus Ivory Tusk tip. The raw Ivory was found in Alaska and is thousands of years old. Minerals in the ground and the Fossilization in the raw Ivory creates the color and texture. The Raw Ivory Artifact this Bear totem was carved from, was probably a knife or blade tool. The Ivory was worked by indigenous men to make this tool over a thousand years ago, in the North Sea area. The man mad hand carved groove line, vertical in the center of the original tool, was for a reason I do not know. It certainly adds to the look of the carving. Interesting mineral grains are imbedded in this man made groove. A Wonderful Variegated Rich Ivory Cream Color. Measures 5-5/8" long with the Sterling Silver Bail. X 1-1/2" Wide. X 1/2" Thick. Master Carved Both sides. Wonderful Detail with Great Color and Texture, a Gorgeous Carving ~ Weigh 42 Grams. 1-1/2 Ounces of Rare Ivory ~~~ FANTASTIC COLLECTORS CARVING ~~~~ We Offer the finest Quality Hand Carved Ancient Fossil Ivory on the Internet.  No animal was killed or Harmed for this carving. All material is from Extinct Species, thousands of years old. We DO NOT buy or sell Elephant Ivory of ANY age. NO exceptions. ~ ACCEPTED PAYMENTS: CASH, CHECK, POSTAL MONEY ORDER, or Paypal, payment address to send checks or Money Orders, Cash. ~ FREE Shipping with tracking in  U.S. ONLY.. WE COMBINE SHIPPING {at no extra mailing cost} ON MORE CARVINGS and SMALL SILVER LTEMS ~ Questions Please Email Eric at  or Call 330- 434 -1010 Ages Tribal Arts Gallery 194 Myrtle Place Akron Ohio, 44303 USA ~~~~ TOTEM AMULET TALISMAN ~ VIEW OUR FANTASTIC COLLECTION of RARE FOSSIL MAMMOTH and Ancient WALRUS IVORY Spirit BEADS ~ GREAT FOR BEADING PROJECTThe BEAR; is so highly revered as a totem animal that many Medicine Priests have adopted Bear as part of their name. According to some tribes, the spirit of the Bear never dies, and thus has become synonymous with supernatural powers and the ability to heal. Among all Shamans, the Bear is reverently addressed as Grandfather. Among the old tribes of Northern Europe, the Nordic warriors known as the Berserkers wore Bearskin shirts into battle in dedication to the Goddess Ursel, the She-Bear. To the Norse, the Bear was a masterful martial artist, and the she-bear protecting it's cubs was the worst nightmare a hunter could encounter under the Northern Lights. The Bear was the totemic symbol for St. Gall and St. Seraphim.. The Bear ~Healer ~ Fearless ~ Leadership ~ Power ~ Endurance~ Insight ~ Confidence and Courage .

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