WILL LOOK GREAT WITH BEADS IN A NECKLACE ~~ Our Raven Bear Pendant is carved from Genuine Thousand Year old Fossil Walrus Ivory Found in Alaska.. The front side has a Magical Raven, the reverse side carved a Powerful Bear, {Please Note Size} LARGE, Measure 4-1/2" Long with the ¼" Sterling Silver bail. X 1-3/8" High. X 3/4" Thick. Weighs a HEAVY 48.5 grams ~{about 1-3/4 ounce} The Variegated Dark Chocolate and Rich Cream White Color is Natural , the Result of Mineral Absorption over the Centuries in the earth. Would look great strung with Beads in a Necklace ~~ RAVEN: Raven is the messenger of magick, the soul-bird who takes one into the mysterious underground places and out again; he conveys information concerning the after-world and is the carrier of healing energy from great distances. In Native American tradition, raven is known as a trickster, a shape changer who is actually an etheric world entity temporarily taking the form of a bird. For practitioners of distant healing, raven medicine enables one to become an empath, knowing, understanding and feeling another so that peace and healing can occur without being in the presence of the one to be healed. The BEAR is so highly revered as a totem animal that many Medicine Priests have adopted Bear as part of their name. According to some tribes, the spirit of the Bear never dies, and thus has become synonymous with supernatural powers and the ability to heal. Among all Shamans, the Bear is reverently addressed as Grandfather. Among the old tribes of Northern Europe, the Nordic warriors known as the Berserkers wore Bearskin shirts into battle in dedication to the Goddess Ursel, the She-Bear. To the Norse, the Bear was a masterful martial artist, and the she-bear protecting it's cubs was the worst nightmare a hunter could encounter under the Northern Lights. The Bear was the totemic symbol for St. Gall and St. Seraphim.. The Bear ~Healer ~ Fearless ~ Leadership ~ Power ~ Endurance~ Insight ~ Confidence and Courage .

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