Horse Fossil Ivory Pendant Totem Walrus Ivory Carving, Amythest inset Eye, wonderful Coffee Cream Color, Our Fantastic Horse is Carved from Ancient Fossil Walrus Ivory. The Ivory was found in Alaska and is thousands of years old. The Variegated color is from minerals in the soil over thousands of years of Freezing and thawing.{Note size and weight}  Measures just under 4" long with the ¼" Sterling Silver Bail. X  7/8" Wide. Weight 10 Grams. Sanded and polished smooth on the back side ~
We Offer the finest Quality Hand Carved Ancient Fossil Ivory on the Internet.  NO animal was killed or Harmed for this carving. All material is from Extinct Species, thousands of years old. We DO NOT buy or sell Elephant Ivory of ANY age. NO exceptions. ~ ACCEPTED PAYMENTS: CASH, CHECK, POSTAL MONEY ORDER, or Paypal, payment address to send checks or Money Orders, Cash. ~ FREE Shipping with tracking in  U.S. ONLY.. WE COMBINE SHIPPING {at no extra mailing cost} ON MORE CARVINGS and SMALL SILVER LTEMS ~ Questions Please Email Eric at  or Call 330- 434 -1010 Ages Tribal Arts Gallery 194 Myrtle Place Akron Ohio, 44303 USA ~~ TOTEM AMULET TALISMAN ~ VIEW OUR FANTASTIC COLLECTION of RARE FOSSIL MAMMOTH and Ancient WALRUS IVORY Spirit BEADS ~ GREAT FOR BEADING PROJECTS. ~~ HORSE: was introduced to this continent by the Spanish, transforming this continent by providing its inhabitants with a freedom of movement and travel no other animal could provide. Pegasus, Centaur and Unicorn are forms horses have taken throughout mythology. These magical creatures can see the essence of a man's soul. Horse represents Stamina, mobility, strength and power, coping under difficult circumstances, Life and death symbol, intellect, wisdom, power, nobility, energy, freedom, wildness, divination, prophecy, fertility. Horse people are wild spirits that cannot be broken. If Horse comes to you, look for safe passage into the new.

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