Fantastic detail, Our Eagle Wing is carved from a Genuine Thousand Year old Fossil Walrus Ivory . Found in Alaska. Carved front side, polished smooth on back. {Please Note Size} Measure 4-3/4" Long with silver bail. X 7/8" Wide. X 1/4" Thick. Weighs 14 Grams ~~ The Variegated Ivory Cream Color is Natural , the Result of Mineral Absorption over the Centuries. A Wonderful, Rare, Fossil Ivory Eagle. ~~~ ACCEPTED PAYMENTS: CASH, CHECK, POSTAL MONEY ORDER, Visa, Master Card, Paypal , I will email you with payment address to send checks or Money Orders, Cash. Free Shipping in U.S. Only ~ USPS first class. Questions ~ Please Email Eric at Eric@Agestribalarts.com or Call 330- 434 -1010~~ WILL LOOK GREAT WITH BEADS IN A NECKLACE ~~~~~ The Eagle is a sacred messenger, carrying our prayers to the Creator and returning with gifts and visions for the people. Eagle feathers aid medicine people in calling on this connection when they need to contact spirit for healing. Among ancient Mediterranean people, the eagle was associated with the sun god, fire, and lightning. Zeus, the father of the classical gods, took the form of an eagle when he carried his young lover Ganymede to Mt. Olympus. In India, the Vedic tradition also portrays the eagle as a messenger of divinity and as the bearer of soma, the favorite drink of the Vedic gods, from Indra.

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