NEPAL MASK BUDDHA Bhairab Shiva Arhat Yama Yamantaka Shaman

MASK Bhairab, Shiva, Arhat, Yama, Yamantaka Shaman Nepal,Buddist,Buddha ~ FANTASTIC Old Powerful Hand Carved Wood Mask ~ Katmandu Valley Nepal ~ {PRICE marked down from $1200 to $995 } This is a Powerful detailed Old Nepalese Carved Wood Mask. Our unusual mask was collected 1991 in the village of Dhankhuta, in Nepal. The mask is hand-carved by village Shaman who practice a mix of Buddhism, Hinduism and Shamanism.  We believe the top figure is an Arhat. Buddha’s  companion ascetics were the first to become his disciples, and soon afterwards they too attained enlightenment -- in Sanskrit they are known as the Arhats  {an Indian word meaning "one worthy of receiving obeisance" or "slayer of enemies." Arhatship is the main goal of all who practice Theravada Buddhism, The masks sides are the  Nagas {snakes} Protection. The center figure and both bottom sides are 3 Bhairabs,  a wrathful manifestation of  Shiva (the destroyer).  Shiva in one of his most fearsome, terrifying aspects. In this aspect, He is said to destroy the false self. and considered to be a Tantric god. He is popularly worshipped in the Katmandu valley, especially by the Newar tribe. Note teeth, Flames for eye brows and the top crown ring of Skulls. We believe Our Bottom figure is Buffalo Head with huge horns Yamantaka Vajrabhairava  Yamantaka is one of the most important of all Gelukpa archetype deities, representing the adamantine wisdom of ultimate reality in triumph over evil, suffering, and death.  In order to conquer Death, the compassionate Bodhisattva  Manjushri assumes the buffalo-headed form of Yama, Lord of Death. ~~ Mask ~~ Most of the paint is worn, the mask has an overall black color. This is a HUGE mask,  Measures 30 ” Long  X  16”  Wide  X   7” deep . Great Aged Condition, this old mask has scuffs, scratches, chips, paint and wood loss, wood cracks, splits, with a metal brace on back side. Still a VERY solid Mask.  ~ This Mask is AWESOIME !!!!!!! ACCEPTED PAYMENTS: CASH, CHECK, or POSTAL MONEY ORDER, Paypal  ~  I will email you with payment address to send checks or Postal Money Orders, Cash. ~ Included in our price is Priority insured  FREE SHIPPING USPS Priority mail with tracking in U.S. Only ~ for International mail rates or other Questions ~ Please Email Eric at or Call 330-434-1010

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