Mask IGBO Africa, Our Powerful Carved Igbo Helmet mask is embellished with a top head crest. White clay base paint. Powerful clear and crisp features. Great Solid Condition, Natural ageing with some paint loss and chipping, top crest crack, scuffs and scratches and some wood chips. Stand not included with Mask. It measures 16" high X 6-1/4" wide at the Ears. X 7" deep. A great example of the diversity of Igbo artistry. Collected Africa late 1980's. A VERY Unusual Example. This is a Unusual example of a Igbo Mask. Living mainly in the forested areas of south-west Nigeria, on both sides of the Niger River the Igbo number some ten million individuals. Igbo use thousands of masks, which incarnate unspecified spirits or the dead, forming a vast community of souls. The outstanding characteristic of the many Igbo masks is that they are painted chalk white, the color of the spirit. The masks, of wood or fabric, are employed in a variety of dramas: social satires, sacred rituals, for ancestors and invocation of the gods, initiation, Etc. Believing in a creator god Chi, The Igbo honor innumerable invisible gods associated with rivers, markets, ancestors, like the earth goddess, Ale, whom they worship in sanctuaries where she receives offerings.  ACCEPTED PAYMENTS: CASH, CHECK, POSTAL MONEY ORDER, Paypal or I will email you with payment address to send checks or Postal Money Orders, Cash. ~ FREE SHIPPING USPS Priority mail with tracking in U.S. Only ~ for International mail rates or other Questions ~ Please Email Eric at or Call 330-434-1010

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