This is a Beautifully detailed Nepalese Carved Wood Mask. Our Powerful Mask was collected in Katmandu Nepal in 1990. ~~ Mask ~~ An Impressive Mask with flames for eye brows and forbidding Teeth, Skulls and Horns. The protruding tongue is common with Tibetan Tribes to dispel demons. Measures 10� in height X 7-3/4� Wide. X 4� Deep. In wonderful condition, The mask has a few scuffs and ageing and pigment fading. Small Red wax seal from Nepal still on back. A Powerful Mask. ~ Masks present other faces and other realities. In many indigenous cultures, masks are worn and displayed to represent Gods, Spirits, and Ancestors, to serve as a medium to the spirit world. A way for the living to communicate with the departed Ancestors. Solicitation, Protection, Abundance . Used in rituals to ward off illness, misfortune, and/or evil spirits. Masks have long represented sacred spirits brought to life for the well being of the Tribal community. Worldwide in drama and dance, masks are worn to enhance the story and to clarify the emotions being expressed. Always, masks intensify and heighten the experience, whatever the intention of the wearer of the mask is. ~~~ ACCEPTED PAYMENTS: CASH, CHECK, POSTAL MONEY ORDER, Visa, Master Card, Paypal , I will email you with payment address to send checks or Money Orders, Cash. Free Shipping in U.S. ONLY ~ USPS. Questions ~ Please Email Eric at or Call 330- 434 -1010 Agestribalarts Gallery 194 Myrtle Place Akron Ohio, 44303 USA ~~~~~
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