Mouse Oracle Africa Shaman Divination Guro Baule Statue Carving

Mouse Oracle Africa Shaman Divination Guro Baule Statue

We offer this wonderful Divination Mouse oracle from Cote D'Ivoire, Africa's Ivory Coast. Unique design, our Oracle is wood, inlayed with shell and beads. Amazing condition with very little ware. A pair of hand encircle the body of this Oracle. Inside the vessel is the split compartment with the lower level connected by a hole for the mouse. Statue measures 14” High X  7-1/2” across. This design is very unique, this design we believe shows the Gruo influence. A wonderful addition to any tribal collection. Our Oracle was collected inIvory Coast 1998. We have owned this in our collection for 15 years. ~~~~~~~~ 

Divination (from Latin divinare "to foresee, to be inspired by a god",  Among the Guro and Baule divination plays an important role in determining their day to day activities, solving personal problems, indicating the causes of illness or simply providing comfort to face life's challenges. The Baule would commonly use a mouse to practice divination. A mouse is captured and brought to the diviner (shaman) and placed in the receptacle. The mouse promptly scurries down the small hole to the lower  chamber, hidden section of the oracle. The divination process involves food (wheat or other grains) which are placed into the main, upper section within the container. The diviner then places small sticks, bones or strips of copper in a careful arrangement over the grain. The diviner then covers the bowl (oracle) and leaves it for several hours. When he returns, the mouse has emerged and eaten the grain and moved the bones and sticks. The diviner can then "read" the rearranged sticks. The Baule believe that mice were once able to speak, and now reveal their knowledge by communicating through the sticks or bones. Mouse divination is probably of Guro origin and is one of several divination techniques used by the Baule.
All Agni-speaking peoples, which include the Guro and Yaure. Regional oral traditions recount that in the distant past mice could speak. At that time they lived in the forest with the earth spirits (asye usu) until a spiritual specialist carried them into the village to be kept in captivity. Their natural proximity to the earth's surface and their ability to burrow beneath it permit mice to gain intimate access to the omniscient asye usu and the ancestors, thus enabling them to foretell events. ~~~ 
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