Lombok Island Erotic Statue Indonesia Antique Sasak Tribal Art

Lombok Island Erotic Statue Indonesia Antique Sasak Tribal Art Wood Carving.

Our unique erotic statue was hand carved by the Sasak people of Lombok Island. East Lombokis lush and less developed than the western part of the island, allowing a peek into a rural part of Indonesia. Inhabited by the indigenous Sasak people, who keep their culture very much alive. The Sasak people, who were not Islamized were lovers of wild, erotic and ancestral carvings of many styles, types and uses. The Sasak are also known for their rather open and humorous attitude toward sex and their art as our amazing statue shows. They used to horrify the Dutch who occupied Lombokwith their Calvinist beliefs. Lombokhas a unique mix of peoples Sasak, Balinese, Chinese, Javanese, and Arabs. With 
over 2 million people practicing  religions of  Islam &  Wektu Telu (a combination of Balinese Hinduism, Islam and animism which originated in northern Lombok)   This statue was purchased the 1980’s and is hard wood, measuring  10-1/2” Tall  X  4-1/2” Wide X  1-3/4” Deep.  Statue has a excellent aged patina. Our statue seems to depict erotic monkey like creatures and vines on the statues sides. The statue top depicts two people in a sexual position. Great condition with some minor chips and cracking customary with the carvings age. Est. age mid 1900’s or earlier.  The variation of color in my photos is from lighting. The color is not as reddish as some photos show.  A wonderful rare erotic collector’s statue. ~~

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