African Ndembu Statue Tribal Carving Wood Africa Ndemi Ndendehul

African Ndembu Statue Tribal Carving Wood  ~ The Ndembu, numbering about 40,000 in Zambia, constitute about 1 percent of the total population. The Ndembu constitute the southern arm of the ancient empire of the Lunda in the Congo. Their domain was trisected in 1905 by the territorial boundaries created by the European nations that annexed central southern Africa. These territories were named, until independence, Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia), the Belgian Congo (now Zaire), and Portuguese Angola (now Angola). The old religion was imbued with a strong moral character: people would be afflicted by the spirits of deceased relatives wishing to remind them (or their relatives) of their social and religious duties. This spirit would "come out" in a certain mode, the mode of the appropriate cult association. Patient, doctors, and spirit belonged to a single sacred community, which initiated the patient as a new member. When honored in a ritual, the spirit would bestow hunting prowess and healing upon on the living members.

An otiose god, Nzambi, has been co-opted into Christianity, and spirit practioners invoke this god on behalf of the sick. Cult associations have disappeared. Today dynasties of doctors exist who work through their doctor ancestor spirits or some foreign tutelary spirit.

. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ STATUE. Powerful Male Warrior Statue ~ He sits on a tribal stool,  with his foot on the head of an enemy. Amazing statue, with spear, war club, symbolic talisman belt across his chest.   Great  condition with only some scrapes, scratches, wood ageing, nice Patna . Male statue measures 17" high X 7" wide X 7" deep at base. Male Statue measures 22"Tall X 6-1/2 wide X 6-1/2 deep. Nicely Carved, These Fantastic Statues are worthy of the any collection. Collected by our old contacts late 1980's in West Africa. ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~ ACCEPTED PAYMENTS: CASH, CHECK, POSTAL MONEY ORDER, Visa Master Card, Paypal or I will email you with payment address to send checks or Postal Money Orders, Cash. all sales final~ FREE SHIPPING US ONLY ~ Included in price, USPS Priority mail, USPS Insur. with tracking in U.S. Packing ….. International mail rates or other Questions ~ Please Email Eric at or Call 330-434-1010

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