TIMOR Island Shaman Stone Carving Talisman Fetish Magic Amulet

TIMOR Island Shaman Stone Carving Charm Talisman Fetish Magic
~TIMOR Island Indonesia Shaman Dukun Stone Charm Fetish Talisman Amulet Magic ~ Objects of stone have always been vigorously collected and traded by Timorese People in remote rural areas. If the stone is found under special circumstances or if it has a special property it is considered to be an object of magic. Stones that inspire can be formed with intent to perform a special function. A rare and outstanding example of Animistic "found" sculpture. Minimal carving has been used to release the spirit of the stone. Hand Carved Stone Charm
      Highland Atoni People,  Amanuban District
      West Timor
     Measures 3.25" Wide X 3.5" Long X 1.7"Thick ~ Weight 274 Grams ~ late 20th Century
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