Frog Lizard & Earth Gddess Fossil Ivory Pendant

Wonderful detail, Our Ivory Frog, Lizard and Earth Spirit is Carved from Ancient Fossil Walrus Ivory. A Master Carved Frog , Lizard and Earth Spirit on the front, with carved Frog and Leaves on the back side. The Ivory was found in Alaska, and is thousands of years old. Our Ivory Pendant is nicely fossilized with wonderful Carved Detail, with a Variegated Honey Cream White color. Color is from Minerals absorbed in the Ivory over thousands of years in the Ice and earth. {NOTE SIZE} Measures 2-1/2" Long, With the ¼" Sterling Silver Bail. X Curved 2" wide X Curved 3/4" Thick ~ Weighs 23 grams.
Frog Lizard & Earth Gddess Fossil Ivory Pendant
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