Our Tribal Door is a Powerful example of the Old Tribal arts of Indonesia. This fascinating Door is from the island of Timor. Timor is part of the islands that make up Indonesia. It was collected in central Timor. While in Timor we bought these artifacts from a Local Chinese Spice trader who collected these carvings from the Villages thru the years. He is one of the few remaining sources for OLD Timor Artifacts on the Island. Tribal art of this region is Very difficult to acquire with the political situation, Timor is a remote island in Indonesia and artifacts in general from Timor are scarce.. This Old Door are part of a collection purchased on our last trip. Our amazing Timor door measures 5 feet 4 inches high X 1 foot 3.5 inches wide. And just under 2 inches thick. Weighs about 60 pounds. Buyer will be responsible for ALL packing and freight charges. I will deliver the door to a shipping company of the buyers choice with in 75 miles. This Door shows signs of wear and age weathering, cracking and veining, with some slight insect penetration . I have more photos if you Email me. On our last trip, there was a similar Tribal Timor Door in a Bali Gallery for sale at $9500 , this is a much nicer Door. Since we Buy at the source we are able to offer these pieces at well below market prices. This is a Rare and Amazing Tribal Door, The AGESTRIBALARTS is proud to bring you some of the finest in Authentic Ethnographic Arts from our Warehouse in Ohio call Eric at (330) 864-2879?
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