BUTTERFLY PENDANT FOSSIL IVORY EARTH GODDESS CARVING ART ~ LARGE CARVED BOTH SIDES ~ AWESOME CREAM WHITE COLOR ~ FANTASTIC DETAIL ~ This is an amazing Carving, Master Carved by Koman our top carver. Our Awesome Exotic Butterfly Goddess is Master Carved from Ancient Fossil Walrus Ivory Tusk. The Ivory was found in Alaska and is thousands of years old. Minerals in the ground and the Fossilization in the raw Ivory creates the color and texture. The Age lines are natural to fossil Ivory {filled with minerals} they will not break open or affect the carving in any way. A Wonderful Variegated Rich Cream color with traces of light Tan and Dark Chocolate. She is spectacular Carved BOTH Sides. Measures Large 4-1/2" long with the Sterling Silver Bail. X 2-1/4" Wide. X 1/2" Thick. . Wonderful Detail with Great Color and Texture, A Gorgeous Carving ~ Heavy Weigh 43.5 Grams. Over 1-1/2 ounces of RARE Fossil Ivory ~~~ . ~~~ ACEPTED PAYMENTS: CASH, CHECK, POSTAL MONEY ORDER, or PAYPAL , I will email you with payment address for checks. Free shipping in US only ~ Questions Email Eric at Eric@Agestribalarts.com ~~~~~~~~~~~

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