Our Seahorse is Master Carved from Ancient Fossil Walrus Ivory Tusk. The Ivory was found in Alaska and is thousands of years old. Minerals in the ground and the Fossilization in the raw Ivory creates the color and texture. A Wonderful Variegated Rich Dark Taupe and Cream color. Wonderful Guardian Seahorse. {Please Note Size and Weight. Measures 3-1/16" long with the Sterling Silver Bail. X 1-1/16" wide. X 3/8? Thick. Master Carved BOTH sides. Wonderful Detail with Great Color and Texture, a Gorgeous Carving ~ Weigh 12 Grams. ~~~ ACCEPTED PAYMENTS: CASH, CHECK, POSTAL MONEY ORDER, Paypal , I will email you with payment address to send checks or Money Orders, Cash. Free Shipping in U.S. ~ USPS first class. Questions ~ Please Email Eric at ~~~~~~~~~~ The Sea Horse is an amazing creature. An animal, half fish and half horse, ridden by Neptune and other sea gods. They consume up to 3000 brine shrimp daily. It can change its color to match their background and grow long appendages so they blend in better with the algae. One of the most fascinating aspects of the sea horse is that the male becomes pregnant when a female deposits her eggs into his pouch. The male provides oxygen through a capillary network in the pouch, transfers nutrients and controls the pouch environment to ensure that the young are born healthy. The sea horse is that each eye moves independently giving it a broader range of vision. It sees things differently than other creatures and offers us the gift of clear sight. Sea horses have been credited with potent magical and medicinal qualities. Chinese and other Asian cultures have been using sea horses in medicine for 400 to 500 years. When the sea horse swims into our life it asks us to examine and then balance those components within ourselves.
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