Beautiful Carved both sides, Our Fantastic Owl is Carved from Ancient Fossil Ivory. The Ivory was found in Alaska and is thousands of years old. The Variegated Rich Cream color, is from minerals in the soil over thousands of years of Freezing and thawing. Carved both sides.{Note size} Measures curved 3? + long with the ¼? Sterling Silver Bail. X 1-3/4" Wide. X 1/2? Thick. Weight 28 grams. {one ounce} ACCEPTED PAYMENTS: CASH, CHECK, POSTAL MONEY ORDER, Visa, master Card, Paypal , I will email you with payment address to send checks or Money Orders, Cash. Free Shipping in U.S. ~ USPS first class. Questions ~ Please Email Eric at Eric@Agestribalarts.com or call 330-434-1010 in Ohio OWL (Wisdom). From the Owl, humans can learn about old wisdom, knowledge, paradox, femininity, mystery and vision. Those with this medicine are usually gifted with clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities. Owls with their spectral senses help guide us through the dark tunnels of fear, change and uncertainty to the brilliant light shining at the other end. If the owl appears in your life thank it for its willingness to guide you through its shadowy realm to the other side of promise and joy. In Bali "HANTU" Is ghost, and an owl is Burung Hantu ( ghost bird ) ~~~ WOLF WOLF is said to be "teacher" medicine, For many traditional people, Wolf is the Sage, The Grand Teacher. Wolf is allied to the moon and lunar energies. Because the Moon rules psychic perception, Wolf people should work on learning to trust their intuition and psychic urges, to listen for the voice within. A spirit helper that will always back you up, regardless of the consequences. This totem guide is known for its extraordinary powers of endurance. ?Hour of the Wolf ? Late night, Just before dawn. when all the sophistication and the role plays drop away, only the bare bones of your soul are left. And you are open, vulnerable and afraid. META TAGS OWL, WOLF, FOSSIL, WALRUS, IVORY, TOTEM, CARVED, PENDANT, JEWELRY, OWL, WOLF, FOSSIL, WALRUS, IVORY, TOTEM, CARVED, PENDANT, AMBER, MAMMOTH, SILVER, JEWELRY, MAMMOTH, BONE, FOSSIL IVORY, OWL, WOLF, FOSSIL IVORY, IVORY, FOSSIL, AMBER, TUSK, BEAD, MAMMOTH, BONE, ANIMAL, STATUE, WALRUS IVORY, GODDESS, SILVER, STERLING, BONE, PENDANT, NECKLACE, SHAMAN, SPIRIT, TOTEM, NATIVE AMERICAN, Ancient, FOSSIL, IVORY, CARVING, CARVED, Eskimo, ANGEL, FAIRY, FOSSIL, WALRUS IVORY, BONE, JEWELRY, TALSMAN, AMULET, BONE, BEAR, WOLF, EAGLE, CAT, COUGAR, OWL, RAVEN, CROW, FOX, COYOTE, Man, FACE, GOD, EAGLE, BUTTERFLY, DRAGON, BAT, PENTAGRAM, CROSS, PAGAN, WICCA, SUN, MOON, CELTIC, IVORY, FOSSIL, FISH, ARTIFACT, Ancient, ANTLER, HARRY POTTER, DRAGONFLY, WIZARD, GREEN MAN, PEGASUS, HORSE, BUFFALO, ELF, SEAHORSE, STARFISH, WHALE, DOLPHIN, BIRD, HAWK, FLY, SHELL, GOLD, ANTIQUE, ART, NOUVEAU, DECO, TRIBAL, LIZARD, FROG, MAGIC, PONY, MASK, CHARM, SHAPE SHIFT, DEVIL, GOD, TURTLE, FAIRY, BUDDHA, HINDU, MERMAID, AFRICA, BALI, TIBET, BUDDHA, HINDU, WOMAN, WARRIOR, BALI, SNAKE, ASIA, THIALAND, INDIA, INDIAN, EARRING, BRACELETT, ELK, DEER,GOLD,

Wolf,Fossil Ivory,Carving,Pendant,Fossil,
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