Our Wonderful Fossil Ivory Dragon is Carved from Ancient Walrus Tusk. The Ivory was found in Alaska and is Thousands of years old. Beautiful Cream Color texture. Measuring 4-5/8" Tall on hardwood base. X Just under 3" wide at base, 1-1/4" Thick and weights a heavy 78 grams with base. Incredible Detailed, A Powerful Master Carved Dragon Carved on ALL Sides!! She is tending to her new born Baby Dragon. One of Master Carvers "Koman's" Amazing Dragon Carvings. ~~~~ ACCEPTED PAYMENTS: CASH, CHECK, POSTAL MONEY ORDER, Visa, Master Card, Paypal , I will email you with payment address to send checks or Money Orders, Cash. Free Shipping in U.S. ~ USPS first class. Questions ~ Please Email Eric at Eric@Agestribalarts.com or Call 330-864-2879 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DRAGON ~ The Greek word drakon comes from a verb meaning "to see," to "look at," and more remotely "to watch" and "to flash." The symbol of the Dragon occurs, amazingly, all around the world. It is to be found in old Europe, among the Celts, in China, and as Quetzalcoatl, the "Winged Serpent" among the Aztecs of the New World. In China, the Dragon symbolizes both the spirit world, and the union of Heaven and Earth. They believed that as it soared through the Heavens (or the Otherworld) It is believed that dragons had the gift of vision, wisdom, and prophecy and were considered to be the guardians of all knowledge and wisdom. The Celtic dragons were revered as gods and believed to bring Earthly and Heavenly forces together. Celts believed dragons guarded the gate to both the Heavens and the Underworld. The Celtic dragon is with out a doubt the most powerful of all the Celtic symbols.

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