BAT FOSSIL WALRUS TUSK IVORY CARVING PENDANT, RARE Color ~ Our Bat is carved from a Genuine Thousand Year old Fossil Walrus Ivory, Found in Alaska. {Please Note Size} Measure 3 “ Long X 3/8" wide. X 1/2" Thick. Weight 13 Grams ~ Rare Color ~ The Variegated rich Cream and chocolate Color. The color is Natural , the Result of Mineral Absorption over Centuries in the Ice and ground.  Would look great strung with Beads in a Necklace ~~ ~~~ We Offer the finest Quality Fossil Ivory on the Internet.  No animal was killed or Harmed for this carving. All material is from Extinct Species, thousands of years old. ~~~ ACCEPTED PAYMENTS: CASH, CHECK, POSTAL MONEY ORDER,  or Paypal , payment address to send checks or Money Orders, Cash. ~~ FREE SHIPPING ~~ with USPS  tracking in U.S. ONLY ~ WE COMBINE SHIPPING {at no extra mailing cost} ON MORE CARVINGS & SMALL SILVER LTEMS in US ~Questions ~ Please Email Eric at  or Call 330- 434 -1010 Agestribalarts Gallery 194 Myrtle Place Akron Ohio, 44303  USA ~~~~~ BAT ~ When bat flies into your life transformation of the ego self is about to occur. The old familiar patterns and ideas that have been your truth are about to change. That which once worked for you may no longer. The process of transformation represents a death and a rebirth. Bat offers you the wisdom necessary to make the appropriate changes for the birthing of your new identity. Bats reflect a need to face our fears. Because the bat is a sociable animal it can indicate a need for more sociability or increased opportunity with greater numbers of people. It has great auditory perception and can navigate through the dark easily. Their built in sonar enables them to know what lies beneath the surface. Those with this medicine have uncanny abilities to discern hidden messages both from people and the environment.. When bat appears it is asking you to surrender yourself to the process of change. Opportunities unknown to the conscious mind are about to manifest. ~~~ TOTEM AMULET TALISMAN ~~ VIEW OUR FANTASTIC COLLECTION ofRAREFOSSIL MAMMOTH and Ancient WALRUS IVORY Spirit BEADS ~ GREAT FOR BEADING PROJECTS


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